The Help Wanted Prevention Project

The Help Wanted Prevention Project is an online course to provide help to adolescents and young adults attracted to younger children. The course is supported by the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and by RALIANCE. This work was developed by the faculty and staff at the Moore Center in collaboration with other national and international experts, people with sexual interest in children, and survivors of child sexual abuse.

Organizational Partners and Funders


ATSA Collaborators

Karen Baker
Aniss Benelmouffok
Maia Christopher
Geri Crisi
Gerald Hover
Jill Levenson
Kieran McCartan
Michael Miner
Daniel Rothman
Joan Tabachnick

Students and Staff

Cierra Buckman, research assistant
Maegan Ingarm, JHSPH doctoral student
Geoff Kahn, JHSPH doctoral student
Sarah Murray, JHSPH postdoctoral fellow
Evelyn Thorne, JHSPH doctoral student


Anonymous individuals with sexual attraction to children who provided their stories
Anonymous survivors of child sexual abuse who provided their stories
Luke Malone
Virtuous Pedophiles